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Case histories



Provenance Restaurant is a dining concept created between the Restaurant Museum, Bon Appetit Management Company and celebrated Chef Douglas Katz.

Provenance derived from French provenir “come from” and it refers to the chronology of ownership of an historical work of art but also to the origin of food, particularly food from local sources. Provenance marry the concept of locally source food with the lineages of nearly 45,000 object in the Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection.

The General Manager of Provenance was already familiar with Enofrigo, because he had another wine cabinet at another location he had worked at for Bon Appétit and loved it.

The issue at Provenance was that the wine inventory was being held in a walk-in cooler used mainly for food storage.
This created more than one problem. No security. No temperature control, no way to keep their white and red wine at the correct service temperatures.

Lack of space and just as important, no way to display their wine inventory in a way that will solve all of these problems while at the same time help selling their wine.

Once detected the space it was clear that the right solution was a Wine Library, discussing their needs Enofrigo America came up with the perfect solution to their problems.

Wine Library Wall 3p offers 3 totally indipendent compartments, each one with its own thermostat to choose the most suitable temperature for red and white and sparkling wines.


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