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ENOFRIGO SPA has been manufacturing in Italy and doing business for more than 40 years. In 2013 ENOFRIGO SPA decided to open a subsidiary in the US market.

It was clear that the best way to approach such a huge and demanding market was to be as close as possible to it so ENOFRIGO AMERICA was founded.

In order to satisfy such a demanding market it was necessary to be close, quick, accurate and reactive to it.

ENOFRIGO AMERICA has an established presence in the United States market ever since with a subsidiary office, warehouse and distribution facility in South Bend, IN. We moved this facility from Miami FL in an effort to be more centrally located.

Our team includes a National Sales Manager, strategically located Rep Groups, a Service Manager as well as back office people committed to offer quick answers to any question from the best choice of product up to delivery and after sales service.

Many prestigious installations are milestones of our young but fast moving relation with US market.


Creativity combined with attention, substance and esthetic to match your venue’s needs.
Understanding customer requirements and offering them quality products with on-time delivery is an important function of Enofrigo America. Our cabinets act as trophy cases to enhance any wine assortment in order to maximize profits. We aim to be the ideal partner for hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other venues in order to help them expand their business.


The Enofrigo range of wine cabinets offers solutions for every need: take a closer look here.


Click on the marker closest to your area and get in contact with our reps to find the most suitable dealer.


Since 1978, Enofrigo has been working with great care for quality, attention for environment and safety for people and products.

The world of tomorrow depends on today’s behaviors

We believe that even small steps to help the environment could reach extraordinary results if made by everybody. We are committed to do our part promoting precise choices adopted every day in every process and in every level.

GWP reduction
Every project means new solutions to deliver a sustainable product

Lean manufacturing
Lean processes are important to achieve minimal noise and environmental pollution

Less waste
Increasing recycling means less waste

Create sustainable products
The i.Am range has been conceived using 100% recycled and recyclable materials

Responsible participation
Who buys and uses Enofrigo products knows the optimal use and how to dispose our cabinets

R290, the environment-friendly refrigerant

As we manufacture refrigerating cabinet obviously the refrigerant, we use is very important.

That’s why in compliance with our policy we decided to use propane R290. It is an eco-friendly and natural occurring hydrocarbon: The most ecological choice after the common HFCF refrigerant. Moreover, it is a toxic and has excellent thermodynamic properties that enables an increased and quicker heat absorption.

All this means more advantages for the end user and the environment. In fact, propane has higher performances, last longer and it is 15% more efficient in comparison to R134A but needs less energy and most of all it has a very low environmental footprint, since it is not zone depleting and has a very low GWP: only 3 points.